Our Story

The meaning behind the brand. Apparel is just the beginning.


Welcome to Unreal P.! Born on 18th August 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. An unexpected Covid baby on one hand and potentially many years of knowing on another. It took a pause on life (Stage 4 lockdown), being part of a year long community leadership program and a milestone birthday to awaken this desire to do something big.

Imagine a world where everyone can be themselves. That's a pretty bold dream but it was this thought that birthed a new sense of hope and purpose.

As I was preparing to grab my coffee one morning (100% best part of the day), a burst of energy and love for the faces behind the cafes and shops at my local community gave me an idea. This little seed has turned into a passion to shift cultures and mindsets through what we put on everyday.

Unreal P. (the apparel brand of Unreal Project) has been created to provide you with a simple way to express and connect with the values and passions that matters to you. By wearing the product, it inspires you to exercise your values and spread messages of hope and meaning in your communities. It may even cause you to be a little bit more curious, a bit more daring and a whole lot more excited to live an adventurous life :)

Unreal P. believes that real change is not motivated by guilt or force, but through genuine passion and gifts that is uniquely found in all of us.

We hope you feel connected with each design and feel empowered to make a difference in people, environment and community!

With love, Founder Fi